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Whether it’s completely new design architectures or working within your well-established visual brand identity, our designers create impact and appeal that improves consumer engagement at shelf.

Visual Brand Language

With a consistent visual brand language, you will create the framework to achieve a cohesive product family. Establishing a unified visual brand language is the guidelines of what to do and not to do with elements of your brand. Since you’re not starting from square one every time, it enables a simplified design process. The goal is for your products to all fit together visually and function for your consumers. Your products should feel like they belong together in a family, think siblings not distant cousins. The consistency creates a positive experience when your consumers are shopping because it triggers a feeling of familiarity to them.

Downeys Potato Chips packaging.
Mueller Sports Medicine packaging.

Brand Adaptation

Sometimes when you’re entering a new market or expanding, you want to make changes without changing the core attributes. Our team has extensive experience in helping brands evolve and adapt their visual identity across any number of products or forms. Whether your goal is to expand to new territories, capture a broader or new audience, or enhance your relevance to existing consumers, we’ve got you covered.

Modelo Mango Chile 24oz cans against orange background.
Whole Earth baking blends packaging and stevia cube packs in tray.

Product Renders

We have the capabilities to create photorealistic, quality visuals before your product even exists. Our team is equipped with proficient 3D modeling artists that will build and visualize your fully constructed package or product in any form. If you don’t have time or budget to hire a photographer, 3D renders are a way to effectively display your products on your website and retailer websites. Market-ready 3D product package renderings are also useful in research, merchandising, on-pack branding, advertising, and eCommerce.

Briggs and Stratton Crafstman power washer displayed with packaging.
Sneakz Organic Meal 2Go packs in tray.
Whole Earth stevia leaf & fruit cubes product in tray.