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In an increasingly digital world, interaction between consumers and products at-shelf is becoming less and less common. Although e-commerce, social media, and online advertising provide a convenient link between brand and consumer, we miss out on a unique and integral storytelling experience that comes with seeing and handling an object in the real world. For this reason, not only is your packaging a necessary structure to house your product, but its visual design also needs to work harder than ever to attract consumers and tell your brand’s story.

Your brand story is what makes it possible for you to connect to the world at large. It’s the thread that ties together your values, visual identity, and what you have to offer your target audience. Although a cohesive brand story can be told through marketing communications, packaging provides a unique opportunity through which you may express your brand. This transforms the experience of learning about a brand into one that is interactive rather than passive. Instead of seeing a static ad pop up while browsing social media, the shopper is intentionally in the store for the sole purpose of shopping, picks your product off the shelf, and evaluates it in a three-dimensional world. In addition to providing a visual outlet for storytelling, packaging is important for brand recognition, providing protection and convenience, influencing consumer shopping habits, and attracting new customers.

Functions of Packaging

Packaging gives an interactive edge to boost sales and your brand image in several ways. One must consider how the product stands out in a sea of its competitors, what message to send to shoppers, how the package physically comes together, and current design trends. All these considerations should come together on your packaging to help tell your brand story, which will establish greater trust and recognition between you and your customer base.

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